Song Premieres

  • Song Premiere: John Reischman, “Cascadia”

    • June 14, 2021
    • Henry Carrigan

    “Cascadia” is the new single off of Reischman’s forthcoming album New Time & Old Acoustic, and the song balances the tenderness of old time music with the circling rhythmic innovations of bluegrass.

  • Song Premiere: JP Harris' Dreadful Wind & Rain, “House Carpenter” (feat. Chance McCoy)

    • June 08, 2021
    • Henry Carrigan

    In his version of the classic ballad, “House Carpenter,” Harris’ slow rolling banjo strums and plucks wander mournfully around Chance McCoy’s doleful fiddle pulls as Harris’s shivering vocals evoke the woeful and dire consequences of a young woman’s decision to leave her children and husband behind to make a better life for herself with a man who can offer her a wealthier life.

  • Song Premiere: Leftover Salmon, "Flyin' at Night"

    • April 29, 2021
    • Henry Carrigan

    “Flyin' at Night” sounds like what might happen if Chick Corea and Brian Auger added banjos and mandolins to their songs. As usual with Leftover Salmon’s music, once the song’s taken off, we never want to come down.

  • Song Premiere: Gawain and the Green Knight, "Birds & Wine"

    • April 19, 2021
    • Henry Carrigan

    The new single from Gawain and the Green Knight’s (Alexia Antoniou and Mike O’Malley) forthcoming EP A Sleeping Place (June 11) glides in sparely on Antoniou’s crystalline vocals before taking flight. Her swooping and swirling vocals soar along the rustling breezes provided by O’Malley’s circling guitar and Michael Sach’s airy clarinet and flute. “Birds and Wine” evokes the materiality that tethers us to this world and the untethered freedom that allows us to soar above those elements that keep us grounded. Antoniou’s deeply emotional delivery affects us palpably, resonating in the depths of our bodies and souls, and reveling in the glory of the freedom to choose whom we love and to love deeply. “Birds and Wine” joyously celebrates love, as well as the sacrifices that love sometimes requires, and beauty.

  • Song Premiere: Mark Rubin - Jew of Oklahoma, "It's Burning"

    • April 07, 2021
    • Devon Léger

    Mark Rubin is a legend from back in the alt country days, known for his pioneering work in the 90s with his band The Bad Livers in Austin. While he’s never left behind his earlier punk bonafides, his new work in recent years, billed as Mark Rubin - Jew of Oklahoma, has been more focused on the complexity of his identity as a Jewish person of Southern descent. With his new album, The Triumph of Assimilation, he masterfully melds old-school roots music with Yiddish protest songs and brutally acerbic ruminations on the long history of American anti-semitism.