Beehive Field Recordings

We have a big gray van, a high quality and fully remote audio / video rig and we love to travel! We can pop-up our “studio” in a house, a theatre, a front porch, or on-site at a festival to capture our series of Field-Recordings. We love to find unique and creative people in places where roots music is a part of every day life. Think of us as a modern day Lomax.

  • Beehive Field Recordings: Spaceworks NYC

    • December 03, 2018
    • Beehive Productions

    These sessions were all filmed in 2018 in the Spaceworks NYC studios in the Williamsburg Public Library and the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. The sessions feature an eclectic mix of NYC-based roots music.

  • Beehive Field Recordings: Billy Wylder

    • November 01, 2018
    • Beehive Productions

    The music of Billy Wylder weaves together American folk and rock with sensibilities from the Sahara Desert: think Andrew Bird meets Ali Farka Toure, Pete Seeger and Talking Heads. Beehive captured the band performing 3 songs from their recently released record, Strike the Match.

  • Beehive Field Recordings: Vinegrass Festival

    • October 25, 2018
    • Beehive Productions

    Roots music documentarians, Beehive Productions present this live video session captured during the 2018 Vinegrass Music Festival in N.Truro, Massachusetts - featuring Barnstar!, Honeysuckle, Them Coulee Boys and Damn Tall Buildings.