• Beehive Field Recording: Molsky's Mountain Drifters

    • February 26, 2019
    • Beehive Productions

    Grammy nominee Bruce Molsky with next generation virtuoso players Stash Wyslouch and Allison de Groot form a powerhouse trio who combine the traditions of old-time and American Roots music with their own personal flair to create a new sound that's both vibrant and audacious.

  • Hangin' & Sangin': Larkin Poe

    • February 25, 2019
    • Kelly McCartney

    Roots rock duo Larkin Poe talk about the swaggering sound that infuses all of their work, including their most recent release, Venom & Faith. Produced and hosted by music journalist Kelly McCartney in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Basic Folk: Peter Mulvey

    • February 21, 2019
    • Cindy Howes

    Peter Mulvey's music is emotional, rousing, gritty and real. The Milwaukee singer songwriter has been at it since the late 1980’s playing in the streets of Dublin and Boston before starting his career proper in the early 1990’s. Mulvey’s upbringing was with liberal parents who are in love with science and activism and fully supported their son’s early interest in acting and then in music. His latest album, There Is Another World, was born out of giant life changes and upheavals. Cindy discusses all this and more with Peter in this episode of Basic Folk.

  • Hangin' & Sangin': Liz Brasher

    • February 18, 2019
    • Kelly McCartney

    Southern soul singer Liz Brasher reveals and reckons with the multitude of influences that come together in her music, as evidenced on her most recent release, Painted Image. Produced and hosted by music journalist Kelly McCartney in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Basic Folk: Rachel Sumner

    • February 14, 2019
    • Cindy Howes

    On Basic Folk, Rachel Sumner (Twisted Pine) talks about finding music when she was younger and learning that it was a way out of her “not so great environment.” Thanks to the support of her mom and grandmother, she worked incredibly hard and that drive continues to inform her as an adult and a musician. She shares the story of first discovering the music club Largo in Los Angeles. She went to see The Watkins Family Hour and literally could not speak the next day due to the experience. That was a very important moment in her deciding to pursue music.

  • Hangin' & Sangin': Kim Richey

    • February 11, 2019
    • Kelly McCartney

    Singer/songwriter Kim Richey digs deep into her own songwriting process and how it has evolved into what can be heard on her most recent release, Edgeland. Produced and hosted by music journalist Kelly McCartney in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Basic Folk: Mark Dignam

    • February 07, 2019
    • Cindy Howes

    This week we have Irish singer/songwriter Mark Dignam on the podcast. Mark grew up in the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. It was in Dublin where he gained his experience as a performer by busking around town with well-known folk singer, Glen Hansard. Dignam brought his love of music to Pittsburgh, PA where he continues to write and perform.

    In our conversation, we discuss the Catholic Church, growing up with a disability, and the transcendent release he feels when performing on stage.

  • Hangin' & Sangin': Will Hoge

    • February 04, 2019
    • Kelly McCartney

    Singer/songwriter Will Hoge lays out the thinking and passion behind his latest collection of protest songs, My American Dream. Produced and hosted by music journalist Kelly McCartney in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Beehive Field Recordings: Pewter Sessions

    • January 30, 2019
    • Beehive Productions

    The Pewter Sessions are performances captured live in front of a small audience at both the Winter and Summer Hoot at the Ashokan Center in New York State. The sessions are held in a 100-year-old pewter shop that now serves as a cozy side-venue during the festival. The intimate nature of the space creates a special atmosphere for audience members and performers alike. Beehive Productions has been capturing these live performances since the 2015 Winter Hoot. Below are some memorable sets.

  • Hangin' & Sangin': Maya de Vitry

    • January 29, 2019
    • Kelly McCartney

    Singer/songwriter Maya de Vitry, who came up in the folk world as a member of the Stray Birds, is now taking a solo flight with her wonderful new album, Adaptations. She joins Kelly McCartney for a conversation about the new album, her decision to leave the band, and having the time and space to explore her own artistic expression.