Peter Case

As a teenager, Peter Case left Buffalo to sing on the streets in San Francisco. He slept in an abandoned truck in a junkyard and carried a fork in his pocket in case someone offered food. He went from punk to folk. Today he has almost 20 albums, and a 3-CD compilation released in 2006 that's a tribute to him with John Prine, Maura O'Connell and Dave Alvin singing his songs. He has also been nominated for a Grammy and has an autobiography called "As Far As You Can Get Without a Passport.

Jim Blum talked with legendary singer/songwriter Peter Case in the studio about getting calls from George Martin, leaving Buffalo for California, a Peter Case tribute collection, the new film about him and the musical journey that has taken him through blues, punk, pop and folk.

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Interview and Performance
Underneath the Stars
Ain't Gonna Worry No More
I Shook His Hand