Karan Casey

Some musicians have road managers, drivers, sound technicians, and stage managers. Our little corner of the music world has fewer barriers. Karan Casey herself, perhaps Ireland's best singer these days, hopped out of the van and came to the front desk: "Would you please let Jim know we're here?" Then with her forever smile, she offered to help carry one of my bags. If the rest of the music business was like this, everybody would be smiling. Karan and her band did have two requests. As they followed me over the studios, they begged me to let them stop for coffee on the way, and offered to buy me a muffin. Is everybody nice in Ireland? They also needed a keyboard which one of our recording engineers graciously delivered. One of the reasons for the relaxed attitude is that Casey and her 3 band mates rarely tour, and when they do, it's for 10 days max. Karan is now a Mom and doesn't like to be gone for long. The years with Solas and their intense road schedule also wore on her. She talks about both in the interview. ~ by Jim Blum


Love is Pleasing
Sixteen Come Next Sunday
The Fiddle and the Drum