• Artist Spotlight: 'It Was the Music' featuring Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

    • Dec 23, 2020
    • Henry Carrigan

    Watching Mark Moskowitz’s new 10-episode film series It Was the Music - featuring Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams - captures palpably for us such relationships between musician and audience and the magic of the music. "It Was the Music is about what music means to us,” says Moskowitz, “the way my film, Stone Reader, is about what books means to us, and my upcoming film, Art Stops Here, is about what art means to us. In the end, these films are about us, how people respond to the arts. Not quite documentary, not quite reality, not quite memoir, not quite even story, It Was the Music is referential, memory-like. It’s allusive. Things touch other things…much like a song.”

  • Artist Spotlight: Laurie Lewis

    • Aug 18, 2020
    • Henry Carrigan

    Laurie Lewis loves to set out on new adventures, and her new song “Just a Little Ways down the Road” and its accompanying video celebrate her peripatetic ways. The jaunty song scampers along as Lewis dances and sings about the new vistas that lie around every bend and the joy of setting out on a new trail to discover just what’s over the next rise in the road.

  • A Q & A with Molly Tuttle

    • Jul 7, 2017
    • Kelly McCartney
    Ask pretty much anyone over, say, 35 to name the best pickers in roots music and their list would likely include the standards: Bryan Sutton, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, et al.
  • A Q & A with Tift Merritt

    • Apr 27, 2017
    • Kelly McCartney
    On her seventh studio album in 15 years, 'Stitch of the World,' singer/songwriter Tift Merritt has churned out another solid set of roots-infused tunes that reach backward, forward, and side to side.
  • A Q & A with John Craigie

    • Apr 14, 2017
    • Kelly McCartney
    Singer/songwriter John Craigie grew up in Southern California, which easily explains his breezy, bright folk-rock sensibilities.
  • A Q & A with Catie Curtis

    • Feb 25, 2017
    • Linda Fahey
    For her 14th album, 'While We're Here,' singer/songwriter Catie Curtis does a whole bunch of beautiful processing, tilling the soil of life into song.
  • A Q & A with Glen Phillips

    • Oct 5, 2016
    • Kelly McCartney
    Since bursting onto the pop-rock scene some 25 years ago with Toad the Wet Sprocket's third album, fear, Glen Phillips has established himself as one of the most heartfelt songwriters on the folk-rock block.
  • A Q & A with Sara Watkins

    • Aug 21, 2016
    • Kelly McCartney
    A lot of roots music lovers have watched Sara Watkins (and her brother Sean) grow up, personally and professionally, over the past couple of decades.