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  • Hear It First: Appalachian Road Show, 'Tribulation'

    • Mar 26, 2020
    • Henry Carrigan

    Appalachian Road Show’s new album, 'Tribulation,' perfectly speaks to our dark and unsettling times. On the one hand, the songs embrace the trials and tribulations of uncertain days filled with despair and loss and suffering, when any glimmer of hope only dimly shines through the darkness. And, on the other hand, they celebrate the community that gathers together in the face of such tribulation to celebrate love, to dance and to sing of the possibilities of redemption, to welcome home the weary from their travails.

  • Song Premiere: Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn, "Four Seasons"

    • Mar 24, 2020
    • Kim Ruehl

    Abigail Washburn and Wu Fei have toured together in the US before, delivering a slightly spacy, bizarre blend of American and Chinese folk sounds. Now, as they embark on the release of their first collaborative album, titled simply Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn, they bring listeners music that demonstrates how closely tied are the deep traditions of American folk (seeded in this case, mostly, by English, Irish, and Scottish traditions) and the ancient folk songs of China.

  • Song Premiere: Justin Moses, "Fall Like Rain"

    • Mar 17, 2020
    • Henry Carrigan

    As Moses recalls about the song, “I started gathering material for this record several years back. "Fall Like Rain" came to me from my good friend, Keith Garrett. He had thought it might suit my voice with the melody having that high note in it. After giving it a try, I was sold. Sierra Hull, Stuart Duncan, Barry Bales, Bryan Sutton and Cody Kilby all brought great energy in the studio. I love the back and forth on the guitars from Bryan and Cody - I wanted to pay tribute to Eric Clapton's original version but put a new twist here and there as well.”