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  • Song Premiere: Mark Rubin - Jew of Oklahoma, "It's Burning"

    • Apr 7, 2021
    • Devon Léger

    Mark Rubin is a legend from back in the alt country days, known for his pioneering work in the 90s with his band The Bad Livers in Austin. While he’s never left behind his earlier punk bonafides, his new work in recent years, billed as Mark Rubin - Jew of Oklahoma, has been more focused on the complexity of his identity as a Jewish person of Southern descent. With his new album, The Triumph of Assimilation, he masterfully melds old-school roots music with Yiddish protest songs and brutally acerbic ruminations on the long history of American anti-semitism.

  • Video Premiere: Eli West, "I Know Your Wandering Heart"

    • Apr 6, 2021
    • Henry Carrigan

    Eli West’s new single, from his forthcoming album Tapered Point of Stone (April 23), opens sparely, floating in on airy notes of Steph Coleman’s shimmering shruti before blossoming into West’s circling banjo rolls. The poignant roundelay grows layer by layer musically and vocally, as West’s earthy vocals weave over and around his gourd banjo rolls and Coleman’s shruti on the first verse before Julie Fowlis’ harmony crystalline harmony vocals add a visceral emotional dimension on the refrain and the remainder of the song.