WATCH: Oliver the Crow, "Sailing With the Tide"

  • July 03, 2018
  • Folk Alley staff

Artist: Oliver the Crow (Kaitlyn Raitz & Ben Plotnick)

Latest album: Oliver the Crow (released June 22, 2018)

Song: "Sailing With the Tide"


"This was one of the first original Oliver the Crow songs to come about. Ben wrote “Sailing With the Tide” just after our move to Nashville. Once the excitement of our brave move to music city wore off, we found ourselves feeling the halt of progress that one might experience when moving to a new place filled with new people (albeit, very nice people). Being in the music industry can exaggerate this feeling, as there aren’t very many opportunities, especially in the beginning of a project/career, to get validation for what you are doing. It can feel like you are stranded in the middle of an ocean, sometimes." - Kaitlyn Raitz

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