Arlo Guthrie & Jim Wilson ft. Vanessa Bryan, "Hard Times Come Again No More"

  • August 09, 2020
  • Linda Fahey

"I grew up in a family that cared about the hardships of others. My father was well known for writing and performing songs to offer hope. "Hard Times Come Again No More" resonates with me, and I know it did as well with Woody. Though it was first released around 1900, the message endures with the calamities of today being utterly unjustifiable. We must come together not only as a country, but all across the globe in this dire moment." - Arlo Guthrie

From folk music icon / legendary Americana recording artist Arlo Guthrie and acclaimed pianist Jim Wilson comes a stunning new adaptation of the Stephen Foster classic, “Hard Times Come Again No More”. The project features extraordinary vocals by singing phenom, Vanessa Bryan, and performances by legendary bass player and multiple Grammy-winner Stanley Clarke, guitar virtuoso Andy McKee, Charlie Morgan, Brad Cole, Dasha Chadwick, Nic Jackson and Dillon O’Brian. Representing Arlo’s first studio release in over a decade, this is “a song for all times, a reinterpretation for our time.”

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