Best of 2018

2018 was another great year for folk, roots, and Americana music, with breakout albums by up-and-coming artists, career-changing, masterful artistic statements by artists we know and love, brilliant collaborations, and so much more.

Check out Folk Alley's host and staff picks, plus Listener Poll results for favorite music of the year!

  • Best of 2018: Devon Léger's Top 10 Trad Albums of the Year

    • December 27, 2018
    • Devon Léger

    2018 was a banner year for traditional music, fueled in part by new artists coming into the Smithsonian Folkways fold (Dom Flemons, Kaia Kater, Anna & Elizabeth, Lula Wiles), but also by the rise of more next-generation artists across the board, many of whom had refreshingly different takes on their traditions.

  • Best of 2018: Kim Ruehl's Top 10 Picks of the Year

    • December 18, 2018
    • Kim Ruehl

    For Kim Ruehl's Best of 2018 list, the albums that rose to the top all seemed to have in common the fact that the artist found some way to tie together their influences, experiences, and ideas in a way that they seemed to be saving for just this moment in time.