Album Reviews

  • Album Review: Pharis & Jason Romero, 'Sweet Old Religion'

    • 2018-05-10
    • Linda Fahey

    There’s something so deliciously pure about what happens when Pharis & Jason Romero make music together. From the first notes of “Sweet Old Religion,” the opening tune and title track of their latest album, it’s hard to turn your ears away.

  • Album Review: The Mammals, 'Sunshiner'

    • 2018-04-17
    • Linda Fahey

    The Mammals are back with thirteen new songs that remind us why people turn to music in trying times. Indeed, their new album, Sunshiner, is an energetic burst of light at a time when we could all use a little more of both.

  • Album Review: Sean Rowe, 'New Lore'

    • 2017-04-27
    • Cindy Howes
    Sean Rowe has spent the last few years on the road playing all sorts of venues: clubs, house concerts, barns, chicken coops, churches and more.