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  • Video Premiere: The War and Treaty, "If It's in Your Heart"

    • Feb 14, 2019
    • Kelly McCartney

    Time and again, it has been proven that we regret the things we don't do or say far more often than the things we do. But doing and saying the things in our hearts demands the courage to be vulnerable. Yes, in doing so, we risk the chance of being misunderstood or rejected, if things don't go our way. If they do, though, we take a step toward embracing a love, realizing a dream, or saving a life. And all of those things are absolutely worth the risk.

  • Song Premiere: Lovers Leap, "Walnut Tree"

    • Jan 24, 2019
    • Linda Fahey

    Listen to the premiere of "Walnut Tree" - the first single from the upcoming self-titled, debut EP by Lovers Leap (Shelby Means, Mary Lucey, Joel Timmons, Billy Cardine) due out April 19.