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What the Fans Are Saying

Folk Alley... and raw octopus

One of the highlights of my time in Japan has been listening to Folk Alley--and of course eating raw octopus.

Mike in Kobe, Japan


You have an awesome thing in Folk Alley, I love it.

Louise in Savannah, NY

You are a JEWEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your station is the best kept secret I've had the luck to discover.

Kennesaw, Georgia

My Main Port of Call

for the future Folk Alley is my first and main port of call

Armagh City, N. Ireland

A Better Day

For some music makes the difference between a good or bad day, and you always improve mine...


A Little Jewel

Just browsing the net when I should have been studying and found a little jewel!
Fantastic site, fantastic music!!

Sue D.
New Zealand

Thank You For Beautiful Music

Merci pour le plaisir que vous me donnez avec vos belles musiques.
Evelyne de Toulouse (France)

Something Good

Just found you on the web and now the CD player is off and you are on as I work. Needed something good to happen today.

Al -- Kent, U.K.

What An Invaluable Resource!

The heartfelt, uplifting and restorative melodies and lyrics of folk music cannot be matched by any other genre. The Folk Alley folks just keep discovering more and more of these moving and meaningful sounds, and they play them for me all day and all night long. What an invaluable resource!

Oakland, California

That Good Music is Folk Alley

People who stop in my office during the day have been wondering where all the good music is coming from. Thank you!

Jennifer --Baltimore, Maryland


First, let me start my stating my undying love for your station! I
stumbled across Folk Alley about 6 months ago, and it's been my work
background ever since. There's so much I could say to praise it, but
I'm sure you know it all, since you guys have programmed it. It's just...


Alex, Cleveland, Ohio

I'm clearly addicted to folkalley...

I'm clearly addicted to folkalley..................I used think I came to work.. because I like what I do.. and I do like the money... but... not anymore.. I just come to work .. so I can listen to folkalley..........ahhhh.. what else is there??

Charlotte, North Carolina

The Music is Wonderful!

Thanks! FolkAlley is one of my favorite places to go since I recently discovered you. Keep up the great work - the music is wonderful!

Three Rivers, Michigan

Chapeau! My Hat Is Off To You!

I really find it great what you are doing.

"Chapeau", just like we just say over here! my hat is off to you and to all your colleagues who are making it [so that] people like me, all over the world, can listen to music with a soul, like you hear on Folk Alley!

Brech Vandendriessche
West Vlaanderen, Belgium

Folk Alley is Amazing

Thanks for going out on a limb on that one[playing Matthieu Boogaerts]. I couldn't stop myself from smiling here in the computer lab, and the other patrons couldn't help but notice.

Folk Alley is amazing, and that's why I'm a contributing listener! Thank you for all you do!

Brigham Young University, Utah

You Can't Get This On Japanese Radio

I am a North Carolinian currently misplaced in Kobe, Japan. I listen to Folk Alley on a regular basis and appreciate the variety of music and your dedication to folk and Americana.

When I want to hear something I like, I go to the internet.

Kobe, Japan

Just A Heart Hugging Thank You

I've only found you two days ago and wow what a find you are. This station is like rain coming to a drought torn desert. I thought that folks like me were doomed to never enjoy folk music over the airways again. ... Thank you for being there for folks like me who really believe in the music and its message.

Bill Kunze
Clawson, Michigan


Your program is very good but today (Aug-17) it is exceptional! One drawback to this is that I can hardly work because I have to carefully listen to the wonderful songs :-). Best wishes from Switzerland.

Zurich, Switzerland


What do I think of this service...FANTASTIC!!!

Just discovered it. I have a high speed connection and have been listening for several days now. love this music and am thrilled to have it whenever I am in the office. Thank you so much for this great use of the technology!

- Nancy

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than That...

I am a 59 year old "FOLKY" that up until just in the last couple of days was without a "FOLK FIX." Then I discovered your program on the computer and I don't think I've turned you off except at bed time! I haven't heard a steady flow of good "insider" (not the commercial P, P & M or Dylan) type of music since Dick Serie left "Music Americana" years and years ago. Right now you're playing Tom Rush-No Regrets. It doesn't get much better than that. Your show is now an all-time spot on my computer.

- Tom

Bravo, Folkalley -- You guys rock!

- Amy

I've Struck Gold!

As an old folkie, I feel like I have finally struck gold. You have wonderful taste, and I have enjoyed everything you have been playing.

- Stan

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