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Blame It On The Blue Sky

Artist: Martin Koop

Album: Martin Koop Up Close
Category: Americana, Alternative Folk, Singer/songwriter

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Description: Blame It On The Blue Sky
by Martin Koop

Verse 1
There's a time and a place for everything
We had ours
I can't wait for a better way
To trade these hours
Days that I've been missing you
When you were gone
Holding on and hoping that
You'd come home

Maybe it's true
We can't be friends
Maybe one day we will love again
You could blame me
I could blame you
We could blame all the trouble
That we ran into ...

I blame it on the blue sky
Blame it on the sunshine
Blame it on the red dress
Blame it on your kindness
Blame it on the good times,
red wine
Wild nights and high times
And bright eyes
I blame it on the blue sky

Verse 2
Sicilian supermodel harlequin
Heart's on fire
Porcelain skin
Fireworks, fireflies
Madness and moonlight
Daydreams at midnight
How could we say goodbye?

If it soothes your soul
We could make amends
Maybe one day we'll be friends again
I still love you
but you're not the same
There's nobody
we can blame


Submitted: January 2, 2018 10:10PM

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