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Nigel Foote
Joined: April 08, 2010
MembersNigel Foote
InfluencesPeter, Paul & Mary, Leo Kottke, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Rick Ruskin, Mike McClellan
Bio: Nigel Foote was born in London to an English ...
Nigel Parry
LocationNew Zealand
Joined: November 11, 2013
MembersNigel Parry, Philippa Boy, Sue Rose, Niels Gedge, Julian Ward
InfluencesMartin Carthy, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Allan Taylor
Bio: Nigel Parry is rapidly becoming an established ...
Nigel Wearne
LocationWoodford, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Joined: April 27, 2017
MembersNigel Wearne
Bio: *Folk Alley Featured Open Mic Artist of the Mon...
Night Tree
Joined: August 12, 2017
MembersJulian Loida, Sunniva Brynnel, Chris Overholser, Zach Mayer, McKinley James, Lily Honigberg
InfluencesNew Acoustic, Goat Rodeo Sessions, The Punch Brothers, SOLAS
Bio: As acoustic sextet Night Tree approaches their ...
Nik Davies
Joined: June 29, 2017
InfluencesInstrumental Guitar & Banjo
Bio: Fingerstyle guitarist and banjo player from Bri...
nikki talley
Locationasheville, nc
Joined: January 11, 2009
Influencessarah mclachlan, joni mitchell, bob dylan, tori amos, ani difranco, pj harvey, ola belle reed
Bio: 'TO BE A BIRD' (released 2008) is a beautiful...
Noah Cornelius
LocationMinneapolis Minnesota
Joined: December 26, 2009
MembersNoah Cornelius
Influencesbeatles, bob dylan
Bio: /Users/noahcornelius/Desktop/Noah.doc
Noel Cowley
LocationLondon, England
Joined: July 29, 2014
MembersNoel Cowley
InfluencesNeil Finn, Fran Healy, Justin Currie, Squeeze
Bio: Born in London, England, Noel Cowley grew up in...
NoLand Folk
Joined: May 23, 2010
Influencesyann Tiersen/Nick Cave
Bio: Band discription The nucleus of this band h...
LocationSouth Dakota
Joined: March 29, 2015
Bio: Norm creates original finger style guitar music...
Norm Pratt
LocationCave Creek, AZ
Joined: June 14, 2008
MembersNorm Pratt, Jon Rauhouse, Bob Meighan, Dick Furlow
InfluencesNeil Young, Jackson Browne, Bruce Cockburn
Bio: Performing throughout the Pacific Northwest and...
Norm Strauss
Joined: January 10, 2012
InfluencesMark Heard, James Taylor, John Smith, Paul Simon
Bio: Norm learned to play guitar when he was working...
Norman Barrie with Les Hilton
LocationUnited Kingdom
Joined: March 29, 2013
MembersNorman Barrie and Les Hilton
Influenceseverything and anything
Bio: Two old mates collaborating to make sounds they...
Northland Ghost
LocationChicago, IL
Joined: August 29, 2012
MembersBrian McGrath
InfluencesCash, Dylan, Springsteen
Bio: Honesty. In moments of quiet reflection, in fre...
Not Waving But Drowning
LocationBrooklyn, NY
Joined: February 01, 2015
MembersPinky Weitzman, Mason Brown, John Frazier, Matthew Talmage
InfluencesThe Decemberists
Bio: Junkyard cabaret with indie folk flair, equal p...

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