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Shattered Sky

Member sinceJanuary 01, 2012
LocationDetroit, MI
MembersRichard Clark and Derek Cvengros
InfluencesLoreena McKennitt, Darrell Scott, Gordon Lightfoot, Kevin Welch, Steve Earle, William Elliott Whitmore, Iron Maiden
Artist Biography:
Shattered Sky:

Richard Clark: Lead and harmony vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar

Derek Cvengros: Djembe and bongos, sound engineer

Soft. Bombastic. Melancholy. Epic. All of these words typify artists in the contemporary music scene, but one adjective, unique, stands out as a self-proclamation used by all artists yet is seldom ever attained by those artists. Established in 2009 in Detroit, MI, Shattered Sky is one of the few contemporary artists worthy of such an admirable medal. The acoustic duo, consisting of members Richard
Clark and Derek Cvengros, dons that medal honorably.

Released late in 2011, the music on the Shattered Skyís debut CD, Shattering Skies, is composed by Richard Clark, and it demonstrates a broad range of influence and a creativity that is rooted firmly in folk, but is not held captive by any one genre. Whether it is the somber lyrics or the music that accents it, this CD perpetuates emotional depth. Recorded, mixed, and mastered exclusively by Derek at his Livonia, MI studio, Subzero Recording, the quality of the production on the duoís first offering is impeccable.

These compositions are largely guitar-based; featuring rhythmic patterns that run the gamut from simple to very intricate. Draped over those rhythms, in nearly every song and crafted with agonizing precision, are the groupís hallmark harmonized lead guitar melodies. The drums are distinguished by Derekís non-conventional djembe and bongo approach and add an ethnic flair to each song in which they are used. The lyrical content on Shattering Skies is equally as diverse as the music.

The CDís first track, Unforgiven, tells a tale of an outlaw in Americaís Wild West. A deeply personal longing for oneís home is the lyrical theme in the CDís second track, A Long Stretch of Road. Hope amid the utmost adversity pervades the senses in the track Fly. While the CDís epic track, The Stannard Rock Light, tells the tale of a lighthouse keeperís enduring loyalty to duty through the loneliest of times. Lyrics and detailed descriptions of the meaning of all the songs on the bandís debut CD can be found under the music page on the band's website.

In addition to its recording ventures, Shattered Sky also has a robust resume of performances, which it continues to build upon. Richard and Derek charm audiences with diverse sets consisting of originals as well as covers; all of which are executed with precision and an undeniable passion for their craft. The band frequents breweries in the Detroit area such as Dragonmead and Sherwood Brewing Company but has also performed at varying locations throughout Michigan, including Kalamazoo and Frankenmuth.

The future of Shattered Sky consists of many more enjoyable years of performing and recording. The group is working hard to expand both its audiences and the territory of its performances.

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