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:59 Love Still Remains
Emmylou Harris (Compilation)
Treasures Left Behind (Kate Wolf Tribute)
Red House 114

:55 Sideshow Love
Will Kimbrough
Sideshow Love
Daphne Rec

:52 Sweet Bride
Kate Rusby
Compass 742772

:48 Slowly
The Haden Triplets
The Haden Triplets
Third Man TMR-209

:46 Hotter Than Mojave In My Heart
Iris DeMent
Infamous Angel
Warner Bro 9 45238-2

Recently Played:

:57 Losing Me
Tanya Savory
Where We Live
Philo 1232

:53 Alone and Foresaken
Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott
Memories and Moments
Full Skies

:49 But I Do
Shannon McNally (feat. Dr. John)
Small Town Talk (Songs of Bobby Charles)
Sacred Sum SSMX 8975

:44 New Lover
Josh Ritter
The Beast In Its Tracks
Pytheas Re PYTH-005

:40 I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair
John Gorka
Land of the Bottom Line
Windam Hil 1089

February 14, St. Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate romantic love and shower the object of your affections with cards and gifts. Or, a black day to sit on the couch eating a sad snack'n cake for one hot out of the toaster over. Either way, there are plenty of folk songs perfect for your Valentine's Day mood and we've assembled two on-demand streams for the holiday.

The love stream is filled with the joy that comes when two hearts are united as one. The alt-love stream tells the other side of the story, what happens after the fog of passion has lifted and when those two hearts are spending a lot of time text messaging other people.

Take your pick of either of the 4 hour-long streams, offering up plenty of old favorites and new discoveries (some suggested in the Folk Alley blog).

Enjoy! Or don't... it's your choice.

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Best love song: Someone I Used to Love by Bruce Cockburn

Posted by Philip Feeley on February 13, 2017

Please play Green Fields of Summer sung by Peter Wolf and Neko Case) for Joe and Kara. It is a perfect Valentine Day song and was the first dance song at their wedding.

Posted by Luann Perzynski on February 14, 2014

Great stuff! I love it when I hear new artists that I haven't been exposed to before. Excellent ear candy.

Posted by Uncle Scroge on February 13, 2014


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