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Nature of Things

Artist: Chip Raman

Album: Edge of a Song
Category: Singer/songwriter, Folk Rock, Contemporary

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Description: Chip: guitar, voice
Don Porterfield: bass
Chris Rosser: piano
River Guerguerian: percussion
Steve Fisher: guitar
David LaMotte: voice
Joe Carlson: voice
Chuck Brodsky: voice
Darlene: voice
Stefanie Fix: voice
Brian Cutean: voice
Adam East: voice
Kris Deelane: voice
Jamie Byrd: voice

Submitted: January 15, 2008 12:46PM

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nice sound-good message-good work!

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Half of all Kerr-folk are in your chorus, Chip!
Perhaps we've met?
You song gives me chills, always a good sign. Can't help but to sing along. Amen!
Very nice.

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