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Missed The Boat

Album: Balding Men With Day Jobs
Category: Other, Other, Other

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Description: This one was recorded back when we were a large band with a wind section. The bassoonist makes some unorthodox boat noises.

Submitted: May 18, 2006 3:35PM

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I love this! It has that certain undefinable something that makes it very cool

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Amazing just how much can be said about life in one short narrative. We pack, we get the ticket, we stand in line, we wait...we miss the boat, we swim for our lives! Who'll tip the porter..? Life goes on.

Great song guys! Love the fact that something so perky and "up" illustrates something so desperate and scary. Also, like the use of the bassoon as the boat whistle. It mocks me.

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They always said to be patient and my ship would come in....Then I'd be at the railroad station....Cold and lonely in Indiana....Good tune.

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