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Found My Libido

Album: Intelligent Design (in progress)
Category: Other, Alternative Folk, Singer/songwriter

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Description: Finally! A song inspired by SPAM advertisments for drugs and devices.

Submitted: April 3, 2006 7:21PM

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You guys have a very inventive sound. Love the use of the digeriedoo in that..particular spot. I bet you guys are fun in LIVE performance gigs! Thanks, also, for making the lyrics clear and easy to understand. Nice sax!

Posted by

hmmm...on second thought..that might not be a digeriedoo, but a percussion instrument with a center stick and squidgy thingie...what's it called?
Your style on this one is an interesting amalgamation of jazz, regae and other stuff. So many influences, yet unique.

Posted by

I don't know the name of the "squidgy" thing. Maybe someone will read this and enlighten us.

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