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This Road Leads to Everything

Album: unreleased/upcoming soundtrack
Category: Folk Rock, Singer/songwriter, New Folk

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Description: This song is current to what is happening in the writers life at the will form part of a sound track to a documentary

Dolores and her husband Ross are putting their house on the market, selling everything, putting the bare minimum of what they want to keep in the bus along with a futon to sleep on and heading east.

They want to live in the bus and drive around Nova Scotia until they find where they belong. Neither has ever had a strong sense of 'home' or connection to a place. The first place Dolores remembers living is in a school bus traveling across the Canadian west and Ross remembers spending much of his childhood living on a sail boat.

It's entirely possible that they equate 'home' with movement rather than the stillness and solidness of a house... they hope to find a place they can settle finally and feel content to put down roots, if such a place exists for two road struck gypsies.

A digital movie camera will immortalizing the journey as a short documentary film....Ross already titled it "Finding Home"...Dolores is alreadly writing LOADS of music for it. "This Road Leads to Everything" is the first song of the journey.

Submitted: May 7, 2006 9:15AM

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Love it.. Your voice is just beautiful!

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I hope your journey leads you both to your intended destination, wherever that may be. Great song.

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