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Monsters at the Drive-In

Artist: Leroy Fail

Album: Drive-In Planet
Category: Americana, Singer/songwriter, Folk Rock

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Description: There ainít no such thing as a 100-Foot Tarantula, There ainít no Giant Ants thatís comin to getcha, There ainít no such thing as a Martian Spider, But if you want me, I can holdja little tighter, There ainít no such thing as a Brain That Wonít Die,
There ainít no such thing as the Hypnotic Eye, There ainít no Zombies Want to Eat You Alive,
Youíll be safe, if you just sit by my side, There ainít no Ending of the Human Race, by no
Blood-suckin Tentacles From Outer Space, Ainít no Creatures From One Million BC, Any Thing that wants you, has to get by me!

Submitted: February 10, 2018 6:32PM

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