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You And Me

Category: Folk Rock, Americana, Contemporary

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Description: From the heady first days of the Arab Spring and Occupy USA, when hope filled the air everywhere. How wrong we can be.

Now that same enthusiasm has been turned into oppressive proxy wars world-wide, and a man-made refugee crisis.

The lyric states "Love or murder, it's up to you and me". Well, love is what we chose, but murder is what we got.

All tracks me except lead guitar by Robert Darlington of Translator. Bob often contributes tracks to my work, either as a jammer or a soloist on multitrack.

Every day, I hear the rumblin’
‘Hear ‘em say, walls are crumbling down
They’re really going to town
Everyone can see
The world has turned round

In the air, spirits lifting
Everywhere, sands are shifting now
Fire in the clouds
Everyone can hear
The winds of changes howl

See the danger
Re-arrange our
Waves of time
Out your front door
See your whole world
Turning on a dime


In the square, there’s a circle
Stop and stare, the miracle is due

But will it all come true?
Love or murder
It’s up to me and you

Here’s the plan
There’s no answer
In the things we knew
Do to others
Like a brother
Should do unto you

Land and sea, the earth is shaking
Energy is awakening
Long live the king
The king is gone
It’s up to you and me

The kings are gone now
It’s up to you and me

Submitted: September 10, 2017 6:55PM

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