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Pastor Winter

Category: Americana, Jazz, Contemporary

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Description: For Walter Becker, all tracks me.


I always think of you this kind of weather
This sad and beautiful cascade
Where Oak and Maple leaf lie down together
To a sleepy serenade

The wind it plays like it's
some kind of spirit
That only lives for movin' on
You can try but you will never see it,
Not until it's gone


I've seen your card before, you're a ringer
Everybody in the room falls hush
Show stopper, man, you're no beginner
You always bring that rush

We're just flesh and bone, now I regret it
We need a fire on this ice
You name the terms old man, cash or credit
Whatever gets us through these nights

I always think of you this kind of weather
This quiet white out escalade
Where all those crystals just pile up together
In a silent serenade

You take over now, there, now I've had it
I just need a chance to rest
And dream a while of where we're headed
I'm thinkin' South, and West


I loved to tease you back when times were heady
Now you can finish what I start
So I keep my distance just in case you're ready
To make me play that part

You are the only one, there, I said it
Who casts a shadow on my heart
You've been with me all the time, I don't forget it
Even when we're apart

Submitted: September 5, 2017 7:18PM

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