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all of us (is gone now)

Album: as eli
Category: New Folk, Alternative Folk, Singer/songwriter

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Description: all of us
music & lyrics by elías krell

it’s exhausting to be in my head
the thoughts won't stop and the judgments,
took me years to get on stage
who can hear anything in a hit parade

and when I did it was the best
and the worst
when I did in short it blew my mind.

we met at a conference, so you say 
cuz you never introduced yourself
took you years to say hello
said you were intimidated

and when you did, we didn't stop
when you did we couldn't stop

it’s been six months since you left
six months i've resisted
i refused to write this song

i didn't wanna hear the sound
the sound of you gone

it’s been six months since you left
oh i know you wanna hear the middle part
they were the best days of my life
but it hurts so bad i can't remember it

and for the first time in my life
i'd rather have you
for the first time in lieu of a song
i'd rather have you

show me something better than i knew to be to begin with
opened something neither of us has seen before or since

did I scare you
i know you scared me
but all of us are gone now

all of us are gone now
nothing more to fear
all of us is gone now
all of us is gone now

Submitted: July 22, 2017 4:08PM

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