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Nick Cameron-Jones sings Change Of Heart (live)

Album: NCJ Sings CG Live
Category: Singer/songwriter, British Isles, Fingerstyle Guitar

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Description: Nick Cameron-Jones sings Change Of Heart, a song by Cas Greenfield, live at a small venue in the English Severn Plains.

The recording was captured without the aid of microphone or amplification.

An iPhone was all that was to hand.

The emotion that Nick brings to the song brought the small audience to tears (including me, Cas - and I wrote the darn thing...)

My version is a full-blown seven minute studio recording featuring full band, sax, blues harp, backing singers..Nick made do with a simple nylon stringed acoustic guitar and nailed it!

Please enjoy and get in touch if you would like more information about me, Cas or Nick or any of my songs.

Change Of Heart Ė words and music David Ireland

I was thinking of the time when love was something new
When our hearts beat as one and our love was in tune
Oh, how I need to see you now if only for a while
But you had a change of heart

You said the end was fated, but I donít believe in fate
For me the end came much too soon
For you it came too late
But when I close my eyes itís like weíve never been apart
Who had the change of heart

Change of heart change of heart
The magic just ainít there
Change of heart change of heart
The painís too much too bear
It hurts right here, but you donít even care
Cause you had a change of heart

Did you really think my love was no more than a game
Something to turn on when you wanted to play
Maybe I was crazy to let you lead me on
Till you had a change of heart

Do you remember?
Do you recall?
When love was new, we had it all
We were forever, right from the start
Who had the change of heart?


copyright 2017 Cas Greenfield, D P Ireland, Double Infinity Tunes, PRS

Submitted: June 28, 2017 12:10PM

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