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Mark The Days

Album: Demo for the 2017 album
Category: Singer/songwriter, Americana, Contemporary

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Description: Words Terry Lee Ransom, my music

Mark The Days Words Terry Lee Ransom/Music Jan Hauenstein

(C) (G) (Am) (F)
(C) (Em) (F) (Fj7) (G)
(C) Open (Em)doors and (F)souls of every (C)kind,
(Em) Love and (F)life (Dm) perchance to (G)find.
(C) A heartís re(Em)flection (F) to fully (C)meet,
(G) And beats to (Am)mark the (D)days, (D4) (D)
(F) And beats to (Fj7)mark (G)the (C)days. (G) (Am) (F)
(C) (Em) (F) (Fj7) (G)

(C) Though days may (Em)twist, (F) they do not (C)shout
(Em) To give the (F)clue to (Dm) what lifeís a(G)bout.
(C) They are merely (Em)stones (F) beneath my (C)feet,
(G) And steps to (Am)mark the (D)time, (D4) (D)
(F) And steps to (Fj7)mark (G)the (C)time. (G) (Am) (F)
(C) (Em) (F) (Fj7) (G)

(C) Time (G)rushes (Am) and likewise (F)slows.
(C) Where it (Em)stops, a (F)heart (Fj7)never (G)knows,
(C) To end of (Em)days (F) or end of (C)street,
Seems to (G)stop (Am) when there is (D)love, (D4) (D)
Seems to (F)stop (Fj7) when (G)there is (C) love. (G) (Am) (F)
(C) (Em) (F) (Fj7) (G)

(C) Closing (Em)doors (F) of wishful (C)dreams
(Em) To end and (F)start (Dm) and in-be(G)tween,
(C) Start and (Em)stop of (F)all things (C)sweet,
Shadow (G)smiles (Am) within the (D)haze, (D4) (D)
Shadow (F)smiles with(Fj7)in (G) the (C)haze. (G) (Am) (F)
(C) (Em) (F) (Fj7) (G)

And (C)beats to (G)mark the (Am)days, (Fj7) (G)
And (C)steps to (G)mark the (Am)time, (C) (D)
Seems to (E)stop (E7) when there is (Am)love. (Em7) (F)
Shadow (C)smiles with(G)in the (Am)haze, (Fj7) (G)
The heart (C)beats to (G)mark the (Am)days, (D) (D4)
The heart (F)beats to (Fj7)mark (G) the (C)days. (G) (Am) (F)
(C) (Em) (F) (Fj7) (G)(hold) (G7) (C)

Lyrics © 2016 Terry Lee Ransom, Music Jan Hauenstein, Goettingen, 23 December 2016

Submitted: May 13, 2017 5:52AM

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