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Leevke´s Song

Album: Demo for the 2017 album
Category: Singer/songwriter, Contemporary, Americana

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Description: Leevke has approved of the song by sleeping more quietly when she first heard it today.

Leevke´s Song Jan Hauenstein

(G) (Gj7) (Cj7) (D) (G) (Gj7) (Cj7) (D)
(G) Saw a big ship (Bm7)sailing (Am7) out to sea to(D)day,
(Em) All huge and (Cj7)orange (Fj7) against the blue and (Fadd9)gray. (Em) (D)
(G) Saw her (Bm7)gliding by,
(Am7)Gray waves (D)and blue sky,
A (Em)mighty giant (Cj7)of a ship, (C)safely (C5)on her (D)way. (Am) (D)

(G)First saw you, little (Bm7)sleepyhead, (Am7)Sunday a week a(D)go,
(Em) Held you in my (Cj7)arms a while, (Fj7) felt the feeling (Fadd9)grow. (Em) (D)
(G) Tiny Sunday (Bm7)morning child,
(Am7) You looked up, and (D)once you smiled,
(Em) Tiny nose and (Cj7)tiny hands, your (C)breathing (C5)soft and (D)low. (D4) (D) (D2)

(F) May you grow up (Am)strong and true,
(Bb) May your blues never (C)be too blue,
(Dm) May the world be (Am)good to you,
May you (Gm)be good almost (C)all of the time.(C7)
(F)May you have good reasons (Am)when you lie,
May you (Bb)quickly wave false (C)friends goodbye,
(Dm)May your arrows point straight (Am)at the sky,
May your (Gm)mountains never (C)be too (C7)high to (F)climb. (Am) (D) (D4) (D)
- Instrumental, last three verse lines of second verse -

(F) May your heart love (Am)strong and free,
(Bb) But never uncon(C)ditionally,
(Dm) And may you always (Am)find the key
To (Gm)live your life un(C)fettered. (C7)
(F)May you be able to tell (Am)right from wrong,
(Bb)May you never be (C)wrong for long,
(Dm) May you sing your (Am)own sweet song,
May de(Gm)feats never (C)ever (C7)leave you (F)shattered. (Am) (D) (D4) (D)

(G) May the sun (Bm7)shine in your heart,
(Am7)May life let me (D)walk a part
(Cj7) Of your (C)way with (D)you, (D4) (D)
May your (Am)blues never (Am7)be the (D)darkest (G)blue. (Gj7) (Cj7) (D)
(G)May you grow up (Gj7)strong and true,(Cj7) (D)
(G)May the world be (Gj7)good to you.(Cj7)
(D)Welcome, (G)Leevke.

Jan Hauenstein, Otterndorf, 17 April 2017, small changes 18 and 24 April.

Submitted: April 29, 2017 7:37AM

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