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A Diet of Junk Food

Artist: Ed Lofstedt

Album: sweep me away
Category: Alternative Folk, New Folk, Folk Rock

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Description: This song is the first song I've released which is squarely a love song.

It started with a noodle around 'Start a War' by the National standing in my new girlfriend Anna's kitchen in St. Alban's.

It took years to develop the song into the heaving waltz it is now - hours of flicking the chorus line 'bored on a rainy British Tuesday morning' in and out of 6/8 ad nauseum.

The subject matter - the foolhardiness of scouring the earth for an answer which was right in front of you all along. It calls home ('Rose Kiln Lane'), and tells of flightiness and generally poor youthful behaviour. Hence the picture of Stanlake Meadow back in my hometown Twyford.

Benji and I went through various takes slowing and slowing and slowing down the percussion part until it was bare bones - and so where it started on record as a flagon-swinging sea shanty, now it throbs out of the speakers in a pleasing way.

The song is my best impression of the Elbow and National records I've loved seemingly forever, or a super slo-mo Los Campesinos!

I love the warmth of Bernie and Harry's brass, and the wub-wubbiness of our resident Microbrute. Benjamin and Anna even tip a hat to Mutual Benefit at the start which is satisfying.

Ed Lofstedt - guitars, synths, percussion and vocals
Anna Thake-Adams - violin and vocals
Luke Woodward - trombone
Harry Iceman Furniss - cornet
Benjamin Whitehouse - keys and vocals
Benji Staples - drums and percussion

Song and lyrics written by ed lofstedt

Submitted: April 2, 2017 6:36AM

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