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Artist: T. PAIGE

Album: SONGS
Category: Americana, Singer/songwriter, Other

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Jesico White Outlaw Dancer
met his wife, Miss Norma Jean
She couldn't tame that dancing' outlaw
Or wake him from his outlaw dream

Dancin on top of that old dog house
The only stage you ever knew
Steppin out on a piece of plywood
You showed us all the old soft shoe

And I don't have all the answers
To lift you up when you are blue
But there's one thing I can tell you
Amazing Grace will see you through.

From Prenter holler to Hollywood
It just ain't right how they treated you
I guess you learned the grass is greener
Than the pills and the glue

Jeisco White get on out of here
Back to the holler from Hollywierid
Back to the woman that really loves
and tell Roseann baby Barr the tears

Take care of bizness baby, TCB
Well you know like Elvis did
and you don't need fame or fortune
Baby love, is all you need.

Just like Elvis did, Willie did, Jesus did,
Hank Williams did it too.

2017 T. Paige

Submitted: March 14, 2017 4:09PM

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