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Bar at midnight

Artist: Paul Arenson

Category: Contemporary, Singer/songwriter

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Description: The social activist or political poet is lonely at heart..perhaps no more than anyone else, but no less. This is a song about it. I wrote it at the Holger Danse Bodega in Elsinore Denmark cira 1975.

In the bar at midnight
The poet-drunkard spins a song of torture and of tears
Of lovelessness and sleeplessness, empty beds and regiments
Wasted bones and fear

There are tears enough for refugees
Of lives lost to the crimes
Of soldier, statesman, citizen
But no soul cries for lives deprived of loving

And in the corner of the bar
The poet's pen bleeds whiskey on the wood that turns the world upon its head
To marry death and dreaming
To weave the notion that in both loveless nights and lifeless hearts
There's weeping and the suffering thread's the same

Submitted: November 26, 2006 1:54AM

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"But no soul cries for lives deprived of loving" -- great line. Your song is made of energy and truth. Thanks for sharing your gift of poetic voice and guitar. A paean to pain.

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A favourite, for sure - and I love your bold, clear voice and lyrical writing style, Paul!

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