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The rippling sea

Artist: Paul Arenson

Category: Singer/songwriter, Contemporary

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Description: Hajime Uehara, a co-worker at an adult-education center where i was working in the 1980s posted this poem on the wall at work. I added a tune. What the words lack in "native speaker" correctness is made up for by the lyrical imagery.

This is from a small concert at a school festival.


The rippling sea reflecting the light of the sunset
On the edge of the hill and the faint purple colour spreading over the sky
The time changing from the sea roar in the day to a nursery song
A flight of small birds flew off on their way home by heading toward a fire
Burning on the seashore in the distance

The light of the sea cottages went out one by one
I only heard the voices of two children playing with the sea turning purple here

Submitted: November 26, 2006 1:51AM

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Really nice poem and imagry. A little snapsot of one day in the life.
More faculty rooms might benefit from poetry posted there!

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