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To the Other Side


Album: There You Live
Category: Singer/songwriter, Roots, Alternative Folk

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Description: Somewhere in the town in the valley below
Mr. and Mrs. Brown get ready
They're going on a late honeymoon vacation
yeah, they're gonna celebrate
with jubilation on a joyous mountain
Driving to the top is the longest ride
Making it through just another journey

To the Other Side
To the Other Side...

It's nothin' normal, the loud pop poppin'
Pull over, pull over, the spare's in the back
Mr. Brown with a crowbar, feelin' kinda grumpy
But his demeanor's still intact
A boiling point might soon be reached
Mrs. Brown's car apparently has the jack
Mr. and Mrs. Brown get out their i-phones and Google

For a Fix-It Guy
For a Fix-It Guy
For a Fix-It Guy...

Walk on...

A Sunday drive, a nice getaway
On a happy honeymoon the two can fight
Walking up the road for a clean motel
And sleep on it tonight
Monday morning wake the mechanic
He's willing to drive you back to the scene
Mr. and Mrs. Brown are appalled to find

A car with missing tires
A car with missing tires
A car with missing tires...

Submitted: November 18, 2016 12:08PM

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