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Garage Sale Hula

Album: Man Overboard
Category: Hawaiian, Singer/songwriter, Alternative Folk

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Description: I bought a ukulele in Wailuku
At a rummage sale, bought a radio too
From a roly poly lady and she sang a song
While her daughter danced the hula and my wife danced along.

The daughter was round and brown as the soil
And my wife has a figure like Olive Oyl
But she sang so pretty and they danced so sweet
Like tellin’ a story with their hands and their feet.

It rained every day in Houwelo
On the windward side where the trade winds blow
Livin’ off the grid as best we can
Fryin’ our bread in a frying pan

I used to be a broker like Paul Gaugin
Till he ran off to Tahiti to be a natural man
But I wanted to go native and I let myself go
On vacation to Hawaii where the coconuts grow

Now I’m just a middle aged howlee man
Kinda lyin' in the sun tryin' to get a tan
Tryin to learn the ukulele to impress my friends
When I get back to the mainland and the journey ends

No man is an island so the poet did say
That means we’re all connected in a deeper way
You can call me bro’ when you see me come
We’re all God’s creatures under the sun.

Submitted: August 13, 2016 6:58PM

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