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One Foot Stuck in the Romantic Age

Album: Man Overboard
Category: Singer/songwriter, Alternative Folk, Jazz

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Description: One foot stuck in the Romanitic Age it's too late now to die young
Like Keats and Shelley, James Dean and Grace Kelly, for me it's been a pretty long run.
Maybe you get to a certain age, you learn a lot of stuff
I'm just a late bloomer, a baby boomer, I'm tellin ya straight off the cuff
Maybe we've entered a different stage, where people don't lead from the heart,
But follow their heads, playin the odds instead, before they're even willing to start.

One foot stuck in the Romantic Age, I still believe in belief
If not for me then for those who can be like the lilies of the field in brief
Somewhere between a Romantic, and just an average Joe
A working stiff on the graveyard shift with an hour and a half to go.
But hey, I'm not a clock watcher, and it's not like I'm not having fun,
Inviting the muse in can be mighty amusin just as long as your not under the gun.

One foot stuck in the Romantic Age, got one more dragon to slay
I'll take the field with a sword and a shield, well tomorrow if not today
One foot stuck in the Romantic Age and one in the modern world
Don't mean to straddle, just choose my battles
With flag held high and unfurled
Maybe I'm a Don Quixote or maybe just his sidekick
Disbelief suspended till the story's ended, or the candle's burned down to its last wick.

Submitted: August 13, 2016 6:53PM

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