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Man Overboard

Album: Man Overboard
Category: Other, Alternative Folk, Singer/songwriter

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Description: Man overboard, man overboard
Over the top and over the hill
A little overbearing but I love you still
Man overboard

Can I keep on swimming
Will I reach the shore
Tell me if youíre out there
I canít wait much more

Man overboard, man overboard
Over the limit and over the line
Well shiver me timbers Iím soaking in brine
Man overboard

Water water everywhere
But not a drop to drink
Should I just go under
I know Iím on the brink

Man overboard, man overboard
Over the rainbow and over the moon
Over my head if they donít get here soon
Man overboard

I guess that weíre all wondering
How this story ends
Will somebody save my soul
Before I get the bends

Man overboard, man overboard
Itís not over till itís over and the fat lady sings
Then itís over in the clover with a pitchfork or wings
Man overboard, man overboard, man overboard

Submitted: August 13, 2016 6:51PM

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