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Zsa Zsa (for Craig)

Artist: Kuhl

Album: The Circus Of Outrageous
Category: Avant Garde, British Isles, Contemporary

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Description: Zsa Zsa (for Craig) words David Ireland, music Michael Cooling

Memories echo through the sun-dark alleys
Sights and smells and sounds and kisses
Moving eager ever onward
Art and commerce reconciled
Lost in thought he reminisces
Moments frozen hard in limelight
Warm, the sudden curtain call
With virgin-like anticipation
There he stands mascara fluttering
Pools of light play on his hands

Was it Barbra?
Was it Channing,
Was it Judy, was it Liza, oh no!
Was it Peggy, Bette or Elvis
Marlene, Mae, Tallulah,
Or was it you?
Who ever knew?
You bared your soul
To your disciples
The chosen few

Zsa Zsa, never Zsa Zsa
Zsa Zsa, Zsa Zsa, never she
Few compare to her pure glamour
Hit the notes, hit the hammer
At the Circus of Outrageous
Letís leave Zsa Zsa in the wings tonight

Memories echo through the moon-kissed valleys
Highs and lows and hits and misses
Slipping slowly ever backward
Love and passion undefiled
Lost in thought she reminisces
Moments melting into starlight
Cold, the cruel paparazzi
Flashback flickering greenback dollars
There he stands, mascara fluttering
Pools of light play on his hands

Submitted: August 7, 2016 1:34AM

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