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Colorful Character

Artist: Greg Mahan

Album: Mountain Boy
Category: Singer/songwriter, Alternative Folk, Fingerstyle Guitar

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Description: Colorful character
winged angel on one shoulder
his pitch-forked rival, all up tight
wants some fun, wants to fight
wants to drop the anvil, the barbell,
the piano down on me

You can hit the room with TNT
Iíve strewn the lawn with garden tools
So somewhere in our daily chase
you might catch it in the face
rake in the nogginí,
more than you bargained from little old me
yes, indeed!

Well, you tried to swallow me whole
then cut me into little bits
and I took all that on and more
wonít be too scared by whatís in store
not fifty story drops,
nor guillotines meant to lop pretty heads, like mine

Your enemy has joined my side
canít you feel the turning of the tide?
and heís finished chewing on his bone
looks to get you all alone
better play dead, thatís what I said
better to play dead than to be
yes indeed!

There are likeable bad guys
underdogs in the undercard
no matter if you think I am
neither one, just understand
in the end, all your friends will have to send for the ambulance it comes..

Colorful character
shrugged the angel off my shoulder
and his pitch-forked rival wants to fight
wants to scream, kick, and bite
wants to drop the anvil, the barbell,
the piano, the A-bomb down on you

Submitted: July 27, 2016 11:36PM

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