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Greek Tragedy

Album: Satellite, UFO, Jet Plane or Star
Category: Singer/songwriter, Comedy, Americana

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Description: The sordid tale of a fresh-faced college grad's first job in food service

Submitted: November 20, 2006 8:41PM

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Chris, every one of your songs are beyond good. Thanks for showing up and good luck in what will be a long and rewarding career.

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well,i know one thing,you'll never have a show
on the FOOD NETWORK.....good song,original idea.

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I love this song. I used to work in a restaurant owned by a Greek. Yelling all the time. Good story. Keep it up.
Jim Brumm

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This is my favorite song of Chris's. I love the story progression. I love the Imagine that line.... and I love Greek food and this brings back memories of going out for lunch in Chicago... now I'm back in Wisconsin, so thanks Chris for the great song.


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