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Zprava v lahvi

Artist: Nestihame

Album: Nestihame
Category: Singer/songwriter, Contemporary, Eclectic

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The song is about an unattainable girl who is seen as an island - that's why you have to send her the massage: "What you once have left will never come back to you". Not a sad song, though.

Submitted: November 14, 2006 8:38AM

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I enjoyed this song very much. I remember all the "unattainable" girls from my youth. I was fortunate to marry one!

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The tone, dynamic, and vocal harmonies here are stellar:)

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I don't know the language but I found myself humming the tune - the little blurb about the content gave me enough to follow the energy, wistfulness, hope of the song. Tight harmonnies!

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Didn't understand the words, but I was drawn into the song from the start....Really enjoyed the tune.

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Great song with some moments that were sheer delight! Wish there was a translation of the complete lyrics.

Zdrastwee, dobraya pecnya [kraseevaya]..hello, beautiful song, great playing and singing..

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I LOVE this song - even tho I don't understand a word of Chechoslovakian (did I spell that wrong??!)

The beauty of the song comes through even without knowing what the words say. I love the harmonies, the soft guitar, and soft singing/speaking of the voices - I will have to listen to more of their songs, for sure.

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Krasny! Krasna hudba, krasna slova

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