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Since You've Been Gone

Album: Intelligent Design (in progress)
Category: Other, Other, Other

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Description: A codependent dysfunctional love song. I'm sure gonna miss ya.

Submitted: April 12, 2006 12:29PM

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You guys have WAY too much fun!
Jim Hinson had to have been one of your influences as well. (This is a very good thing, btw. in my book!)
Nice tight sound. Thanks for making me smile :o)

Posted by

I like the little tweety bird chirps right after the "ow...ow"s! I have to say that this is the only song I know of with "butt rash" in the lyrics - ha!

Posted by

Thanks for writing, JL. I'm gonna have to find out who Jim Hinson is....

Posted by

The Muppets, Steve...the Muppets!
Jim Hinson was brilliant.

Posted by

Jim Henson was also behind the TV series "Dinosaurs", where they all went extinct in the last episode...the man had a dark side too!

Posted by

This just in... Teletubbies may sue for copyright infringment... Kermit j Frog says, "ya'll probably get more gigs if the three of you can squeeze into a big Barney suit"... Animal says, "Rock On"! ... Miss Piggy says, "Good luck in REHAB guys"!

Posted by

so...Chris - Kermit is a Texan??

Posted by

not sure JL... hear tell he has kin in Greenville.

Posted by East Texas froggie. Well, it's not easy being (from) Green...ville.....Heard Kermit's been seen at the Ja-Lu pool, but they kicked him out for not wearing any swim trunks. That frilly little collar just didn't cover it.

Posted by

Yeah, he was a Bufo Houstonensis, I believe. Left Texas when he got caught up in a strange affair with sweet little pig from the Third Ward. He wound up following her to New York where the bright lights and big city put stars in her eyes.

Posted by

Oh, gosh, Jack - the Houston toad almost went extinct during the bad old days of petrochemical polutution where I grew up. The Spanish moss also
took a beating, and those lovely mossy grey curtains and Kermit's sidekick, the Horned Toads (we called them "horny taods" as kids) and tortoises we used to play with all but disappeared from the area. (Rachael Carson had dropped the penalty flag on that one.) We wouldn't eat anything still managing to swim in the waters around there, nor would we swim or ski on the waters in the nearby bays. Somehow, nothing seemed to deter the mosquito population though!
Before you get depressed, things are looking up a bit due to improvements in air quality, and kermit's kin are making a healthy recovery in Bastrop, near the lake there.
That Pig puts stars in the bubble caption floating above Kermie's head on occasion, I understand.
You knoiw she can't return to Texas with him...there's open season on her kind in these parts!

Posted by

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