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no designs on heaven

Artist: Michael Tero

Album: rpm 2013
Category: Singer/songwriter, Fingerstyle Guitar

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Description: from my recently completed rpm 2013.

Submitted: March 7, 2013 9:49AM

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Timing and rhythm could be better. Great potential here. Nice clarity with the lyrics in the recording. Good song, got a good feel to it. Backup singer needs work on the harmony. I betcha the guys here had a lot of fun doing this song. They got a great song here, keep up the good work. If I may be candid, I really believe that if you could speed up the song, it would have more of a wow factor.

Karlin Mathew

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thanks for the feedback, tune was built around finger picked electric guitar,no click. thanks.

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Good voice, nice tune...lose the harmony. Nice licks, but a little slow.

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