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Oh Sweet Sparrow

Album: The Gallows (Demo 2013)
Category: Singer/songwriter, New Folk

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Description: Lyrics:

Oh sweet sparrow, leaves are falling
As another day is gone.
Wind grows colder and this coat
Will not keep me warm.
Oh sweet sparrow, won't you fly to her
And bring her home,
Tell her flowers in the garden
Wither where I stand alone.
I embrace my pillow in my dream
Mistaking it for her,
Oh sweet sparrow, when we kissed,
I'd run my fingers through her hair.

Sparrow's sitting in his nest,
With his wife and with his babes.
Won't be long before they fly
Chasing spring to warmer seas.
Oh sweet sparrow, I was robbed
Of my true love and children dear.
Won't you take my love to them
And tell them that I am still here.
And I'm walking trapped in memories
Of days when we would talk,
Oh sweet sparrow, when the last leaf falls
I'll have to die alone.

Submitted: February 15, 2013 9:03AM

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