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Sleep Come Easy

Album: Demo for the 2011 album
Category: Singer/songwriter, Contemporary, Fingerstyle Guitar

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Description: Sleep Come Easy Words Fred Grittner/Music Jan Hauenstein

(Single notes A hammer on B hammer on C-E-D-C--E hammer on G)
(Am) Just how many falsehoods did I (C)utter today?(C5)(C)
I've (Am)forged so many statements, its (C)really hard to say.
I (Am)asked how I could help her, she (G/D)told me what to do,
I (Fj7)promised her assistance, but I (E)never followed throu(E7)gh. (hold)
Sleep Come (Am)Easy, Sleep Come (C)E(G)a(F)sy. (Fj7)(G)
Dont (Am)keep my engine running, (G)show me some regard,
The (Fj7)penance you require is (E)ugly, mean and har(E7)d.
Sleep Come (Am)Easy, Sleep Come (C)E(G)a(F)sy, (Fj7)
(G)(G/A)(G/B)(G)(G/B)Come (Am)Easy. (C) (C5)(C) (Am) (C) (G) (F) (Fj7)(G)

In (Am)over twenty years (C)just two times I've cried,(C5)(C)
When I (Am)was humiliated, when (C)grandfather died.
The (Am)tears that I've been storing are (G/D)eating through the mask,
My (Fj7)face has started crumbling, its (E)late but I can as(E7)k(hold)
Sleep Come (Am)Easy, Sleep Come (C)E(G)a(F)sy. (Fj7)(G)
Don't (Am)force me to take measures that will (G)ease me into dreams,
That (Fj7)pint of scotch won't help me re(E)store my worldly sche(E7)mes.
Sleep Come (Am)Easy, Sleep Come (C)E(G)a(F)sy, (Fj7)
(G)(G/A)(G/B)(G)(G/B)Come (Am)Easy. (C) (C)(C/B)(C/A) (C/B)

The (Bb)Fat Man died this morning,
It was (Dj7)on the news by five.
He was (Am)looking for some slee(Am7)p,
And it (Ebj7/F)finally did arrive(hold)
(single notes A hammer on B hammer on C-E-D-C--E hammer on G)

The (Am)silky strands of morning (C)slither through the blinds,(C5)(C)
They (Am)coil round my throat and (C)tie my hands behind.
I've (Am)never known a woman who be(G/D)lieves me like she does,
How (Fj7)come she never questions what I've (E)said or where I wa(E7)s? (hold)
Sleep Come (Am)Easy, Sleep Come (C)E(G)a(F)sy. (Fj7)(G)
If (Am)only she would ask me, Id (G)tell it to her straight,
We don't (Fj7)ask the hardest questions till (E)time is running lat(E7)e.
Sleep Come (Am)Easy, Sleep Come (C)E(G)a(F)sy, (Fj7)
(G)(G/A)(G/B)(G)(G/B)Come (Am)Easy, Sleep Come (Fj7)Easy,
(G)(G)(G)(G)Come (Am)Easy, Sleep Come (C)E(G)a(F)sy, (Fj7)
(G)(G/A)(G/B)(G)(G/B)(hold) Come Ea(Am)sy. (C) (C5)(C) (Am) (C)
(single notes A hammer on B hammer on C-E-D-C--E hammer on G) (hammer on (Am))

Words Fred Grittner, St. Paul, MN, ca. 1980, music Jan Hauenstein, Goettingen, Germany,
Thursday, 30 September, Friday, 08 October and Sunday, 14 November 2010

Submitted: December 27, 2010 5:17PM

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