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Once to Every Myth and Nation

Album: Home Made CD 2
Category: Americana, Native American, Singer/songwriter

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Description: A song that responds to wrongs done gravely by politicians and clergy

Lyrics first published in a 'zine called ATI. (A few years ago)

Music first published at (A couple years ago)

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Submitted: March 28, 2010 12:58PM

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An interesting view point, it beholds a troubling society in motion.
Enjoyed overall, impressive lyrics ... a persuasive melody.(very easy to listen to)
The song had a good message;
"Peace can't come when love is perverted, victorious only in a battle not lost"
"Safety has no golden crown"
Though the song has very insightful lyric's, it did seem to paint a pretty grime picture ..... human spirit living out life in a realm of deception, cloaked in shades of gray that hide innocence and perpetuate confusion. A perpetual transition of fumbling rights and wrongs, a perverted truth that doesn't seem to be leading us anywhere. The failing efforts of our churches, the shortcomings of politicians, the eroding of family and tradition. "Its not a wonder why people are fearful" But I'll still give it two thumbs up!
Does the reality of human misery carry with it the building blocks for liberation? A chain of links that hold one virtue to the next, then an another ... eventually to find enlightenment at the end of the journey.
My bias ... love is the unseen force beneath the shades of gray, once unleashed it reveals what it needs to engage itself.

Enjoyed my time ... Thanks for posting Marco
Look forward to hearing more.

Karlin Mathew

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