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I Recall

Category: Singer/songwriter, Folk Rock

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Description: Song about not recognizing what or who is good for you and being blinded by our ideals and egoic agendas... and someone who loves you enough to see through all of that...

Submitted: March 17, 2010 4:14PM

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Kind of a Roy Orbison sound...I like it

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You sang it well ... the absolute brutal truth about the healing heart, "what was and what will be". Great stuff for songwriters to write about.
Do you think she'll ever hear the song, and if so, how would she react?
I like your intro, it seemed gentle ... as the melody intensified, I found myself naturally drawn in.
Interesting thought about the hate in you that tried to destroy her presence felt in you.
Great rhythm, looking forwarded to hearing more.
Thanks for sharing ...
Karlin Mathew

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