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Manassas In The Rain

Album: Demo for the 2009 album
Category: Singer/songwriter, Contemporary, Americana

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Description: A song written by Jim Clare with his friend Mark Teachey. Heard it on Jimīs website and loved it right away. Jim likes this version, it is all reet with him that I post it here. Thanks, Jim!
Great melody, good, good lyrics.
Jim and I wrote `You Can Pick Your Nose, But You Can Not Really Strum It' together last week.

Submitted: July 17, 2009 4:58PM

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Jan, Another great story song. We all need to relate to the vanquished and the old, because both are part of the seasonings of life. Great delivery. I especially liked the way you sang the eyes getting old by... (by the time the character got to a certain battle).

Thanks, Darrell

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Sweet tune, Jan. Really like your style..

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Jan Haunstein's rich baritone enhances this story of a boy who went off to the American Civil War in search of a fine adventure. His story is told from the perspective of the old veteran who survived, but lost home, friends and his innocence to the awfulness that is war. It's meant to be a gentle song about a terrible time in America, and Jan brings that feeling out very well in his performance.
jim clare

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