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An Island (Kingdom Of One)

Album: Man Train Woman
Category: Singer/songwriter, Folk Rock, Contemporary

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Description: A song that had a mind of its own. Having observed a couple of elderly gents quietly drinking in a pub in Dublin, I was all set to write the age-old lonely drunkard song yet again. In the process, something whispered, 'But he may like the life he leads.'
From the Man Train Woman album. Maybe I“d arrange the song differently today.

Submitted: July 4, 2009 9:54AM

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Jethro Tull's Aqualung taking responsibility for his choices? Nice though- provoking song about each of us making the best choices we know how to make. We only see what we know. And I liked the transition into drunkeness and back looking at the man's life. I really enjoyed the song.

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Thank you very much, Darrell - I quite like having to think about my songs. DidnĀ“t think of Aqualung when I wrote An Island, but of course there are parallels. I know the gent in my song drinks, I donĀ“t think heĀ“s a drunkard. HeĀ“s trying to maintain some order in his life, he reads. He just seems to have decided he does not want much contact with other humans (anymore). I found it a little hard to accept that when I wrote the lyrics... but I am sure there are people like that, and not all of them are unhappy. Again, thanks.

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Sounds there some of you in this?

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