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Your Love Kills

Album: Lately...
Category: Contemporary, Americana, Other

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Description: A love song with an arrangement inspired by the musical stylings of the "Travelling Wilburys".

Submitted: June 7, 2009 10:20AM

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Cool song. Lyrics had an interesting twist and your vocals were perfect for the song. Great rhythm and nice lead guitar. Not exactly a "folk song" in the strictest sense of the word but who cares - it's hard to quit listening after the intro. Both thumbs up on this song.

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I really enjoyed listening to this song. The music had a real nice "feel" to it.

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Great song. Great presentation.

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Loved this song !

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miss martha ann,

This is the story of my life, or so it feels like it.
Thanks. Now, moving on to the next one of yours.

gayle martin

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This is why I support this channel

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Nah!..Really liked the intro then the echo spoiled first I thought I had caught a second track...not for me..sorry.

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