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The Detroit Auto Worker's Blues

Album: The Next Time Around
Category: Singer/songwriter, Americana

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Description: ....And they said this song was dated when I recorded it....Ha!

It came from a conversation my friend Guy Clements and I had before a gig. He wrote it, I perform it.

Submitted: May 21, 2009 8:24AM

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Well done Michael. Enjoyed this one a lot. Vocally I hear Croce. You're in good company. A lot of displaced Detroiters can relate.

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This might be Detroit, but I think it's
quite "Denver'esque". listened to a few others
you cut,

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Reminds me of John Denver. Good vocals

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Great harp in this, nice and subdued. Good song. I like it.

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The song sets a nice mood in the intro. Solid voice. Harp knows how to hang in the background. Simple, tight harmonies. The jew's harp might be a bit over the top but it's a feel -good song for sure.
I'll be sending this one down the pike, boys. Thanks for the good tune.

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